Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Renderglow and OnRez

Just a quickie. Thanks to TerryAnn Antonelli for passing this little tip along. If you go into the Second Life viewer's Debug Menu (aka "God Mode") you can set some rather interesting effects.

Don't know how to get into God Mode? Press CTL-ALT-D, and you will see 2 new menus at the top of the screen: Client and Server.

Now, if you go into the Client menu and select Debug Settings, an options box will appear on your screen. Either type in "Renderglow" or use the pulldown list to find it. By default it is set to FALSE, so set it to TRUE.

While you're there... check out and play with the other Renderglow options:

  • Renderglowresolution
  • Renderglowsize
  • Renderglowstrength
You might be pleasantly surprised with the results:


While I am on the subject of Second Life viewers, why not try out the new Electric Sheep Company OnRez viewer? It's supposed to be neater, simpler to use and yet just as fully-featured as the Linden Lab viewer. I've had a short go on it - it was released today - and it seems pretty good. If you go to the page and don't get the download screen, try hitting refresh. It worked for me.

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