Friday, 26 October 2007

Institute for International Research

Not much of a posting, this one. Last night, while perusing the Second Life map I happened upon the sim: IIR NY HQ. Now, when I see initials - especially initials like "NY" and "HQ" - I think it has to be worth a visit. The island belongs to the Institute for International Research, and is still under construction. However, enough of it exists to give the flavour of the place.

The IIR mission is "to facilitate the growth and advancement of our core client-partners by supplying the optimum business solutions, at the right time and in the right format - so that their goals can be surpassed and unique marketplace challenges overcome." Ummm... yeah... right. Could some kind soul strip away the MBAspeak and tell me what they do?

Never mind... you might be interested in this though. In mid-August IIR announced plans to organize, promote, and run events in Second Life. Their aim is to launch officially into Second Life in November at the inaugural conference on Managing Virtual Distance, and featuring a certain Mr Phil Rosedale.

The build itself is far from complete - so it is not fair to critique it. But here are some snaps to be going on with:

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