Saturday, 20 October 2007

Just the Blue Pills Please

In my last post I suggested I should take a look at the bluepill GROUP sim. Well, no sooner blogged than done - give or take 24 hours or so.

I arrived at the photography exhibition “MY BRUSSELS" in virtual St Gery, which I understand to be the old meat market of Brussels (or Bruxelles if you prefer) and that is now a rather swish art gallery-cum-coffee bar/place to be seen. I can't vouch for the real thing but in Second Life, at least, there are a number of rather wonderful photographs on display, over several floors. The building is set within a giant Bruxellian Bubble:

If you check out Google images, you may be surprised to find just how faithful this is to the original - and I just couldn't resist the photograph in top right. The St Gery construction is excellent - and well worth the trip.

Beyond the bubble are a various snippets of bluepill Group builds, including a jet from their Brussels Airlines build and a range of what appear to be 'works in progress.'

It's an odd place this... since on the one hand it features some virtuosity for public consumption in the St Gery construction, while on the other it has a lot of "bitty" bits and pieces that look like sandbox trials and tests. I would suggest that they should consider investing in another(private) sim for their internal development and test, and focus their open site on completed works and presentations.

My only regret is that I'm not actually paid for these pearls of wisdom... but maybe my reward (or punishment) is in the afterlife. Ah... if only I believed in such a thing.

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