Thursday, 9 August 2007

Septeni Rainbow Factory

If you are an active Second Life resident who has not heard of the Greenies (from Rezzable), then I can only conclude that you must have been living under a stone for the last month - and I would strongly suggest you check out the set of postings from my good chum (and rampant blogger), VeeJay Burns, at the eminently Denglish Mindblizzard blog.

Thus far I've not posted anything about Greenies, mainly because so many others have already done so, and I do not believe my idle ramblings on the subject would make much of a contribution to the existing lore. So why mention it? Well... the thinking behind the jaw-dropping Greenies sim is that it acts as a shopfront to advertise the skill and virtuosity of the builders. And Septeni Rainbow Factory I believe exists for the same purpose - albeit on a vastly smaller scale!

During my most recent peregrinations around the islands of Second Life I happened upon Bizisland. As it satisfied my most basic criterion - ie: I could actually gain entry - I popped in to look around. Regular readers may start to yawn when I say that this is another Japanese sim - targeted at business clients. Aside from noting that Nomura financial services group has an information building here, I do not intend to dwell on the details of the island.

Rather, I would like to share with you one of the island's businesses, the aforementioned Septeni Rainbow Factory. But first, some pictures, snapped at different times of day:

Inside, there are 3 floors. The ground floor has the "workings" of the rainbow factory, while the top floor has a meeting room. But it is the second floor that is the most interesting to me. As well as a bar area there is a small showroom, some of which is shown below:

A number of plinths support scale models of SL buildings that I assume are available for purchase off-the-shelf or by commission. Clicking the adjacent signs brings up the website of Perhaps a Japanese reader would correct me, but the company seems to specialise in web marketing and web2.0, and would appear to be yet another such company to see Second Life as a fruitful channel for their business.

The rich "baked" textures used on this build, and the careful detailing of such features as the elevator (below right) convince me that the rainbow factory is intended as a showpiece. It may lack the breathtaking ambition of Greenies, but I think it nevertheless serves its purpose well. It certainly stands out on the bizisland sim!

Just for completeness I have included the map of the build (below left):

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