Thursday, 30 August 2007

Al's Cannery-Opener

I've already covered a number of arty places in Second Life in previous posts, but it seems no sooner do I get to one than another one opens. Last night I popped along to the opening of another arty place: The Cannery, the latest sim from those intriguingly creative folks at Rezzable.

The art, or SLart (their term, not mine - reminds me too much that it needs the suffix "ibartfast"), takes the form of Second Life "photos". Here's the notecard to tell you more: "An exhibition bringing together six top Second Life photographers and 40 cream of the crop SL photographs by various Second Life artists or SLartists. Opening the 29th of August 2007 at 15:00 SLT. The exhibition will run until November. Shoshana Epsilon and Vint Falken, both accomplished SL photographers and artists, brought together Collin Savon, Melodious Source, Kean Kelly, Nephie Eerie, Rob Danton and Stephen Venkman along with other very talented SL photographers. Vote for your favorite piece! See the results on the web at"

The exhibition is housed in and around a deserted, run-down wreck of building - The Cannery - situated in a deserted, run-down wreck of a dockland. The sim seems to be set permanently to midnight, in order to maximise the atmospherics. But even in other day modes the textures and construction are impressive: crumbling walls; rusting containers; broken fences and general dereliction, all lovingly rendered! They have made brilliant use of "lighting", to create a little gem of a place. Not with the same bizarre and brilliant energy of the Greenies sim - but a mini-masterpiece all the same.

And now for the bits I am not so keen on. Working on the classic Art definition "I know what I like", I would describe the bulk of the photos on display as falling into one of two categories: Athena Poster or Comic Book. In both cases, graphically well executed, even attractive to look at, but not Art (using my strict definition above). There are some exceptions which are genuinely more than just sleekly toned bodies, cutesy expressions, or swords'n'sorcery mockups. And I would strong suggest you look for yourself. Who knows, you might even agree with me?

Interestingly, the adjacent sim, Rezzable07, was open. It, too, features a scene of not-so-genteel dilapidation. This time it appears to be an oil or gas platform. Beyond that I have no further information. Oh... and Ebuddy Sandbox 1 was also open. Maybe all the sims are...

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