Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Yet Another Tokyo

Yeah... I know... I know. You are getting heartily sick and tired of my Tokyotic Expeditions. But that hasn't stopped me in the past, and so I shall plough on undaunted. On the plus side, this is only a brief post, concerning the sim Tokyo4,On the minus side, this is the only open sim in a cluster of 12!

The sim is entirely given over to an athletics stadium. At the entrance you get a big sign for TBS - Tokyo Broadcasting System. Their website tells me that this is an extensive network of 28 TV stations affiliated with the Japan News Network (JNN). Inside the stadium there are also adverts for Dogatch, which I understand to be a video-on-demand portal. Following the various weblinks, the best I could deduce is that TBS and Dogatch are providing athletics coverage, probably of the current IAAF World Championship in Osaka, of which TBS is an official sponsor.

Much of the build looks relatively rudimentary and far from complete. Whether it is running late for Osaka2007, or early for other athletics events I couldn't say. The track itself looks OK, but the stadium looks like it is a couple of weeks or more from completion and I could find no working links or teleports. Still... at least I could get in. While I was here I also peered over the boundary into Tokyo3. The details (below right) are a little hard to make out, but it appears to be a giant pair of skis, sitting atop a ski jump. My Holmesian logic tells me that this sim, too, is aimed at sporting events, but given the wintry theme, may be in no hurry to open.

So that's another one (or is 2) Tokyo sims ticked off the list.

UPDATE 30/08/07: Judging by this link I wasn't too wide of the mark. Personally, my favourite is still Tokyo Mainland. The hullaballoo about Virtual Tokyo has been somewhat overblown, but then I guess that is to be expected, given the site is owned by Dentsu, Japan's leading advertising agency.


VeeJay Burns said...

Seems like you're developing quite a Tokyophobia over there ;)

Aleister Kronos said...

More a case of Tokyophilia I reckon. I just recognise that others may not be as enthusiastic as me :-)

BTW: Check out INVAST Sec (near Suntory) and lemme know if you can a UFO!