Friday, 3 August 2007

Al Cracks Second Krakow

Hmmm... I really seem to have the travel bug tonight. After my city break in New Berlin I've headed East to see the Second Krakow sim. Here I'm on more familiar territory, since I have actually been to the RL Krakow, though the weather was far less clement than the SL version - with snow on the ground and temperatures that had the brass monkeys worried.

The SL version is a tolerably faithful reproduction of the main town square (Rynek Glowny), complete with Cloth Hall, Bell Tower and Basilica of the Virgin Mary. There's even a stage set up in the right spot (at least, in the same spot as that used for the New Year festivities). Overall, the attention to detail is impressive, but the sim is still waiting for its shops to move in; there is a lot of space for rent.

In terms of the accuracy, here's some SL and RL photos so you can compare and contrast:

Incidentally, the interior shot (of the Cloth Hall) is very akin to the real thing, which is full of small booths selling all manner of souvenir knick-knacks. Even the horse-drawn carriages are in the right place.

I don't intend to get in to a debate as to whether this is the right way to build in SL - but as I'm a fan of deep, complex textures, I rather like it.

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