Saturday, 25 August 2007

Al Tries Another Tokyo

Out in the now-crowded Western Oceans of Second Life I came across a number of joined sims named "JPL" something-or-other (eg: "JPL Osaka"). They're basically rental areas, mainly targetted at people wanting to set up virtual retail outlets. I only did a quick skim, but in the process spotted something interesting in the distance.

On investigation this turned out to be the Japaland Tokyo sim, which led me to conclude that "JPL" was a convenient abbreviation). A moment's light googling provided me with the website, though as usual, I can't follow a single word of it. The Tokyo sim has some cool giant statues, a fishing lion, some guitar heroes, a metal band (really made of metal) and other treats.

There's also a whole heap of bizarre freebies - such as these:

I know it isn't (hmmm... do I know it isn't??) but at first sight, the one on the left looks like a "Judo Hitler Surfboard".

Aside from these odd quirkies the sim is nothing special - but the freebies are fun.

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