Sunday, 5 August 2007

A Concerned Resident Asks For Support

On going into SL tonight I received a notecard. As a (hopefully!) responsible citizen, I thought it appropriate to bring it to your attention:

Dear Aleister Kronos,

The past few weeks I've seen a tremendous amount of inventory loss complaints in various SL related forums. I have also been told by various vendors that they too have been getting a high number of product replacement requests due to lost inventory. In addition to this, I have also experienced inventory loss, twice in one week.

This issue is known as SVC-114 on JIRA, Second Life's bug tracking website. I myself, and a number of other residents have voted on the issue within JIRA. However, the majority of residents are not aware of JIRA, SVC-114, nor how to vote on the issue. Currently the votes on issue SVC-114 is at a paltry 115. With this in mind, I'm reaching out to community leaders in hopes that you too deem it necessary, to build awareness of this issue, by informing your users on SVC-114.

Thank you for your time. Issue SVC-114 is a real problem that affects us all as residents. I hope that you too will help to build awareness on the issue.

I agree with this and think that the issues in recent days make this all the more important that there be a proper resolution. If you are an SL resident, I hope you agree, and do your bit here.

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