Friday, 27 April 2007

Pass the Booz

Nothing too riveting in today's trawl across the islands and highlands of Second Life. But ever keen to keep a weather eye open for newcomers to SL I did bag this motley crew:

Booz Allen Center: Booz Allen is a(nother) global strategy and technology consulting firm, with more than 18,000 employees on six continents, generating annual sales of more than US$3.7 billion. It looks like they are now stepping into Second Life, with a brand new island.

Getronics is "the workspace ICT company" - in other words another technology consulting firm with offices around the World. They too have taken possession of a new island and construction is under way (see piccie below). Oh... if you do happen by, don't bother with the freebie dispenser - it's got a script bug at the moment. The build seems to be largely the work of GP Runo, a member of the OpenSL Group, assisted by Gene Replacement.

At present, all the basics of the build are in place, but it will presumably be a few weeks before the whole thing is finished.

JT World: Two islands (one built on - the other bare) belonging to JT Financial, whose website describes them thus: "JT Financial offers our customers a sound banking system. We strive to offer a very competitive if not the best interest rate available on SecondLife along with a very supportive and friendly customer service. We can offer a very competitive interest rate because customer's funds are invested in a Real-World high-yield investment strategy that can provide us returns of .5% to 3% daily with very limited risks." I have no idea how good/bad/indifferent this all is... but their island has a large office block, surrounded by a sizeable number of shops/offices for rent.

And finally, Our Virtual Holland has now expanded to 13 sims - and had been joined by the 4-sime Drop Zone.

Interesting news about Sculpted Prims coming to expand our build horizons. Something else for me to struggle to fathom the basics of! :-)
Here's a cool movie of sculpted prims in action.

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