Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Logically it's Logica

Logica CMG is a leading Europe-based IT and business services company, with around 40,000 people across 41 countries. I first noticed their brand new island about a month ago, when it was just a grey splodge on the SecondLife satellite map. Being at a bit of a loose end, I thought I'd see how it had progressed - and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually access the island. It made a nice change from the *ping* and "Bog off - not open to ramblers" message I have to put up with on a regular basis - and that I fully expected on this little sojourn.

I was deposited on a landing stage, whose yellow-painted walkway leads to the first of 3 main components. This large open square is largely devoid of objects at the moment, save for a small presentation area, tucked around the back. It was also "no access", but I could already see enough to be going on with. Assuming that the square is a permanent fixture, I'd assume it will be used for static promotional displays, links to website etc. It certainly looks like that kind of exhibition space. Further on, there is a brand new conference area. I say "brand new" as the builder (Edwin Recreant) told me he had built it only today. Edwin works for Logica CMG in the Netherlands (aarrghh!! I swore off blogging more Dutch sites), but aims to bring his UK colleagues up to speed with the build next week. Among other things, the conference area will host various broadcast sessions; next month, for example, they will be holding a session given by Ivar Jacobson, one of the demi-gods of UML and RUP.

The third major component of the site looks like it aims to provide a relaxing, fun social area - with water-slides, beach area and jet-skis.

Edwin claimed the build had taken him only 3 days so far. If true, then it is an impressive achievement. It isn't really possible to determine whether this is anything like the final configuration of the build, since he is still making substantial changes. But he is optimistic that they will open the site "really soon".

If asked, I think I'd suggest they consider a bit more carefully what they want to do with the island. It has all the basic features one would expect: promo area; conference area; social area. But it might be worthwhile involving a professional SL build company to see if they can inject a bit of pizzazz. It's OK - but a small investment might give them something dramatic.

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Team Mascot said...

One quick first observation... tbe expanses of bright yellow are picking up on the corporate identity - so a big tick in the box for consistency of image between RL and SL!