Monday, 30 April 2007

Cool Koolhoven

Well it looks like I'm back on a Dutch riff again. While pottering about tonight I came across the island of webattach and assuming I'd happened upon some kind of new media company, flew in for a closer look. It transpires that the island actually belongs(?) to the Dutch town of Koolhoven - which took some finding on the internet. Given the oddities of a Babelfish translation, my assumption is that the town is intended to appeal to nature-lovers and those of a green persuasion. In any event, I was able to work out that it has 2000 houses, and boasts good communications and sensitively combines public parkland with the housing.

The build is still in progress, with most houses now constructed (though looking rather bare). Towering behind the houses is a skyscraper that seems to boast just 2 floors. The ground floor provides information in Dutch about Koolhoven, while the first floor is home to a sparse board room.

Anyway, apologies for the brief nature of this posting. I will need to rely on my Dutch chum at Mindblizzard to actually make more sense of it!


VeeJay Burns said...

If big AL stumbles upon (WOW, how about slumbleupon for a new Web 2.0 goodie) something Dutch before me... arghh I really do have some explanation to do.

Righ now I've been enjoying Queens Day and have seriously been blogging big brands in SL this evening. So that review will have to wait

VeeJay Burns said...

Well, I did find out, read it and wepp at the mindblizzard blog