Monday, 16 April 2007

Kronos in Cronos

I seem to have spent inordinate amounts of time lately telling you all about a string of Dutch and German sites in SL. So it seems only fair to stay in that region, and look to a new country for inspiration: Belgium. OK, some might be surprised to see "inspiration" and "Belgium" together in the same sentence (I know I was - and I wrote it). I have to admit that what led me to this site was not the Belgian connection but rather the name: cronos. Having spotted it, how could I not come and have a look?

The island appears to be the property of Cronos Yip, and seems well on the road to completion. The core of the island is a large office building, with outdoor movie theatre. There is a large list of movies available, though I found significant performance issues when I selected "play". The outdoor area also hosts a number of adverts for a number of different Belgian companies, ranging from radio and publishing, to IT development.

Around the edge of the island there is a marina and a couple of houses, though these look temporary to me. Quite what Mr Yip plans for the island I don't know and his profile is no help in trying to fathom out what the plan is. Anyway, like I say, with a name like that, I was duty-bound to pop by for a quick peruse.

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