Sunday, 15 April 2007

INSEAD - get a virtual MBA soon

I've just been to INSEAD for a quick look around.

INSEAD? What in tarnation is that? Well, once upon a time it was the 'Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires' (European Institute for Business Administration) - hence the acronym. It describes itself as a "Business School for the World." (not exactly shrinking violets) with RL campuses in Fontainebleau and Singapore. Since the school extended its European roots to Asia, the acronym is no longer relevant, and is now simply known as INSEAD (pronounced IN-SEE-ADD)... and now they are now opening in SL. They specialise in MBA courses.

Anyway... let's look at the build. First off, the island is in a zone that is overflowing in new islands, so it is fair to assume that (at this time, at least) the
island probably has some way to go before it is complete.

Broadly speaking, it currently splits into 4 zones: library, auditorium, workshop and (always my favourite) bar. However, only a small part of the island is open, while construction goes ahead. The overall design calls for a propeller-shaped construction, with 3 principal "blades": the lab, the school and the public campus - all linked from a common arrival hub.

For freebie-lovers there is (or will be) a t-shirt (of course).

The build is at an interesting stage. INSEAD have provided a nicely worked area, sufficient to get them started while the bulk of the build proceeds. They can already host formal and informal meetings, in a public zone that is a fraction of the size of the main build. They already have a number of weblinks in place, and have Vivox set up for inworld speech. I'm not sure I like all of the design (a lot of stark white [again] - makes me think of German SL design companies). However, the overall shape planned for the final build looks great, with lots to entertain the eye. It would be interesting to know exactly how much course material they plan to deliver through SL. My initial thought was "oooh.. outreach" - but for such courses, SL outreach would need to be heavily augmented with CBT and (better) face-to-face course materials. That's wot I finks, anyway.

NEWSFLASH: Checkthis SLNN item regarding the (hopefully) thwarted griefer attack ("twatattack" has a better ring to it) due today.


Isa Jervil said...

INSEAD - having dealt with them in a professional capacity - are a global training company based in France and Singapore - they are very well respected in offering Leadership (erghh) and MBA studies to executives. From their own web site:
“As an international business school with participants from around the world, INSEAD embraces innovative approaches to learning that will enable us to develop leaders who are prepared to operate in a constantly evolving global business environment,” said Antonio Fatas, Dean of the MBA Program at INSEAD. “We recognise the growing importance of the digital marketplace and want all of our participants to have the opportunity to experience it first-hand.”

In addition to the course offerings, INSEAD also plans to build a research centre and social science research lab on its virtual real estate.

Anonymous said...

Dominique Trempont, Business School advisory board member, writes on INSEAD's partnership with the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif.

Niam Hargrave said...

The campus is now completed, check the pictures at:

The Ignorant said...

Any idea - when these B-Schools are going to offer study/degree in virtual campuses? For me - all these virtual campus efforts would truly mean if they can give me the opportunity to continue my studies without leaving the job and without the need of relocation. I'm looking for some business education in SL - a sort of distance education - but with real-world like classes and learning experience. Let me know - if there's already someone offering this...