Thursday, 26 April 2007

Rezzable in Rezzable?

I will let you into a little secret. When I'm looking for new places I use a subtle blend of trial and error, scouring the MAP for likely points of interest and then making (usually vain) attempts to gain access. In tonight's little trip to this Well of Wonders I spotted an interesting cluster of fairly new, under-construction, islands - 29 of the blighters - all branded with the word "rezzable" somewhere in their names. Here's a snippet of the map view (click on it for a more detailed view):

The closest match I can find is a UK company called Rezzable Productions, but their webpage is just that - 1 page, a kind of matrix motif thing. So I don't know if this is the same "Rezzable". If you know, why not drop me a comment? It has all the appearance of a "walled garden", with islands for "ebuddies", sandboxes, battle zones, surfing (albeit that at least 2 of these islands are landlocked). Alternatively, it is the build/preparation zone for a company building sites for other people - "Stratos" for example could refer to the Lancia Stratos. AS you can see, I'm floundering here! I tried to access the islands - but whether it is the dodgy nature of SL at the moment or, more likely, access permissions - I was unable to effect a landing.

Oh... I mentioned Woodbury University recently. Well, while experimenting to see if teleports were actually working, I tried to TP here - and succeeded. The only problem was I was stuck underground - where some enterprising souls have mapped out a whole other side to the University! Above ground it is very conservative and staid - but below ground is a whole different ball game. It looks like a bunch of media students have been given free rein to do "something creative". In any event, it made for an amusing diversion (even though I got horribly stuck there!).

UPDATE 28/04: It looks like I've missed out on a right rollicking roller-coaster of a story about this - a tale of griefers, bouncers, unpleasantness and abuse - follow the link to Second Life Herald. It probably explains the bizarre experiences above. Also, with regard to Prokofy's article in the Herald, I don't always agree with her point of view, or the often intemperate way in which she expresses it. However, the bile and vilification heaped upon her in the associated comments is truly shameful to observe.


Johan Vermij said...

Well, funny thing is... I just met the guy who dunnit... the founder of Rezzable Productions. I'll see if I can get him to contact you.

Anonymous said...

I know him too, and asked him to contact you too. :d Until then, just IM Vega03 Straylight, if you're curious? Or have you figured it all out by now?

Anonymous said...

hey. im one of Woodbury's citizens and i also beleve that what some people commented on in the herald was trash. not to mention what profky was saying is pure garbage throughout. most of it was on the basis of things she believed was true and no real fact was taken into account but if at any time im online when you are idont mind showing you what our goal in woodbury is about. and also a tour of the place while we are at it. much has changed sense you went there last and i do hope you come back again