Thursday, 26 April 2007

In Search of Gold

During my recent trip to Sprint Center I noticed a curious building, looking like a cross between a ziggurat and a favela, on a adjacent island. My curiosity got the better of me and so, having hoovered up the info at Sprint, I flew over for a closer look.

The island is called Eldorado, and is dedicated to Latin American culture. The "ziggurat/favela" is hollow, and floats above a plinth, at the heart of which lies a set of video screens, showing short movies from across Latin America. As the supplied notecard put it: "journey through the pyramid and enjoy all the treasures of the Hispanic culture. View some Latin American aspirations and realities in these awarded shorts, created by the emerging film talent from México, Perú and Argentina. Brought exclusively to you by Cinema Tropical and The Vidal Partnership."

Outside, in the luhs tropical gardens, you will find a number of sculptures. The inspiration comes from the “Ruta de la Amistad”, the world’s largest corridor of sculptures in a public space, where artists of the five continents created 19 imaginative art pieces for the “Mexico 68” Cultural Olympics. (Unfortunately, I have not been able to track down a website that gives much information about the original sculptures)

I was particularly taken with the pyramid textures, which were worth the trip on their own. Hopefully the proximity to Sprint Center will encourage the curious to make the short hop and find out more.


And just a quick "thank you" to Adri at Metaversality for the invite to last night's " KRTU Jazz for the Metaverse." KRTU , on 91.7 FM, provides jazz for San Antonio from Trinity University. Here's Adri grooving to Ella Fitzgerald:

It seemed to become a bloggers and twitterers convention - as often seems to happen to me these days! Unfortunately, I had to bow out early - the time difference between UK and Texas took its toll in the end - but not before I added some new SL friends and Twitter chumz.

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