Thursday, 19 April 2007

Ambling in

On entering SL tonight I was greeted by a number of announcements, but what really got my attention was an IM from Okilele Pinkenba.

"Hi Aleister, we are developing a Web site about SL places and people and created a card about the Ambling blog. Can you please check it in (just enter "Ambling" as keyword) and contact us in case a rectification is needed. A short note about slThere in your blog should certainly help us a lot. Thanks. Oki and the slThere team."

I immediately hot-footed it over to to have a look-see - followed the cunningly coded instructions, and was very flattered by what I read there. So big thanks for that Oki (there will be a "Please be my chum" request in your inbox when you log in). publicises events, people, groups and places across a wide range of categories - including blogs. Pop along if you've got a favourite you would like to mention.

Okilele asked for a pointer from here. Well, how could I refuse?

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