Sunday, 9 December 2007

Extropia Salon - Aleister Kronos

A curious day yesterday.

I had the pleasure of being Sophrosyne Stenvaag's guest at Extropia Core, for a conversation/free-for-all loosely related to the subject of "Creativity and Corporate Builds." It was a fun 2 hours, with so much contribution from the floor that I reckon I only got through about 30% of the stuff I had thought to cover. But this is one of the enjoyable things about Sophrosyne's Salon... it is a rambling, open, anarchic exchange of thoughts, ideas and a few prejudices - and very refreshing it is too.

I have to say, it got progressively more difficult to get a word in edgeways, as there was so much to read and react to. A day later, and I still need to sift through the log to catch the many witticisms and insightful ideas I missed. Sadly, I was a tad too preoccupied to capture any snapshots, but you can find some in Soph's blog.

Owing to a personal issue suddenly arising in RL, I had to make my excuses and leave shortly before the 2 hours were up. This issue is now hopefully resolved, but thanks to the many people who expressed their concern and support.


The FreeRice Contest said...

We'll just have to have you back a couple more times to get through the whole thing!

I'm so glad things worked out okay -


JimmyJet said...

Thanks for the presentation.

An event photoset is at

Aleister Kronos said...


Great set of piccies!

The FreeRice Contest said...

@jimmyjet: these are awesome! I updated my blog post with a link.

Hope to see you around the Salons more!


IYan Writer said...

It did get a bit unruly towards the end (and I admit to being partially to blame, as well ;) ) - but I would really like to continue the discussion from Saturday!

Oh, and don't forget - you promised us a notecard with locations of your favourite places!

Aleister Kronos said...

D'oh!! IYan... I'd hoped you'd forgotten about that notecard. It would be good to continue the convo, since I think a lot of the discussion got directed away from the corporate aspects, into wider "what do we mean by SL architecture?" Interesting, but a debate for another day.

There is so much to cover about corporates (and other organisations)and the whole topic of "creativity" and what it means in different contexts.

Anonymous said...

It was a very interesting Saturday afternoon. Glad that the RL concern that called you away was resolved.

As far as the conversation, is it an unwritten rule in every SL gathering that at least one person must go on about what a terrible platform SL is, no matter the topic up for discussion? Seems to happen rather frequently.

It would have been nice if we had given you a bit more time to make your points before everyone leaped in to the conversation. But still, it was fun and you did manage to keep dragging the group back to your main points.

- Corman

Aleister Kronos said...

LOL... I think it is an unwritten rule. I know I do it - but only when talking with "SL is a gift from the Gods" zealots; when talking with "SL is Hell in pixels" cynics I take the exact opposite stance. :-)

It was a very animated discussion - I was worried that people would look on in silence as I gradually came to a full stop. In the event I had nothing to fear on that score! It would have been nice to get beyond the "Ghost sims" discussion tho.

The FreeRice Contest said...

Al, let's book "Part Deux: The Return!" soon! :)


jimmyjet said...

Glad you like the pics. Thanks for the many build reviews.

A smidge of one-upsmanship :-)?

--Aleister Kronos: Whatever the outcome... 3D won't go away
--Galatea Gynoid is waiting for 4D worlds. ;)
--Peer Infinity is waiting for 5d
--IYan Writer: i hear 7D will be really great
--Yel Oh: 3D is most certainly here to stay