Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A Random Selection of Sites I Like

At the recent Sophrosyne's Salon I showed a slide containing a hotch-potch of some of the SL sites I like. When asked, I rather rashly agreed to produce a notecard. With Second Life currently down for maintenance, I thought I'd do the next best thing(?) and list them here. But first - here's the slide (click for a link):

The sites are:

Row 1:
Dunder Mifflin Offices (The Office)
Repares - Virtuool's Giant Head
Art Center - Xantherus and Rhizome

Row 2:
Rezzables - Black Swan
Suruga Bank
Tokyo Mainland
Dresden Gallery

Row 3:
Amazon Web Services
A well-known vodka...
Chichen Itza
Koelner Dom

Row 4:
Reflexive Architecture demo
Blue Pill - Belgian build company
9/11 Memorial by Liam
Vietnam Memorial - The Wall - by Meme Sciences
SLtk Pro

Row 5:
Vranken Diamant
San Franceso d'Assisi
Leo Burnett

The other sites I listed as favourites are:
Spin Martin's assorted sites (though they have probably changed many times)
Dogfight Island
The Far Away (aka The Wheatfield)

If you are so inclined, you should be able to track down all of these sites by searching this blog. Can't be bothered? I don't blame you. But who knows? It might while away a few minutes while you wait for SL to come back after maintenance - or you may prefer to leave it for those dull days after Christmas when, torpid and full of wine and turkey, you need something mindless to do.


Jenn Hienrichs said...

Tag! You're it...

Aleister Kronos said...

So that's two tags now.

I think it would only be fair to consider writing one myself if I get tagged 8 times.

Anonymous said...

It made my day to see Icarus in the list! -- TerryAnn Antonelli, TerryIshere.com