Saturday, 1 December 2007

Extropia Salon - Grace McDunnough

I have just returned to New New Alville after another interesting gig at the Extropia Core Salon meet, where Sophrosyne's guest was the mighty Grace McDunnough. The topic of conversation should come as no surprise to the many people who know Grace in Second Life: music in SL. Actually, this was another event in which I met people for the first time in Second Life whom I already know through other social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Virtual Worlds Connect. In fact, Grace is one of these people.

Grace's Salon gig was in two halves - a chat, followed by a live performance. It was interesting to hear (or rather, read) her experience of Second Life. I found a lot of resonances with my own views. I may be paraphrasing a bit too much here, but she has always had a passion for music, but lacked the confidence, or perhaps the conviction, to perform in RL. She found the degree of separation offered by having a virtual alter ego in SL was enough to tip the scales, giving her the confidence to perform live. Second Life has given her the freedom to express herself in ways that she would find too difficult in RL, not least because of the need to earn a crust in RL, which in itself is enough to force a constraint. In SL her creativity has had an opportunity to blossom, and she is now one of the "must see" live performers in our virtual world. Her songs, performed to the accompaniment of her acoustic guitar, are a mix of original material (often co-written with Salome Strangelove) and covers.

I confess I prefer my music a bit more brain-battering, but I have broad tastes and throughly enjoyed Grace's performance - albeit without the aid of Musimmersion (go look it up). She has a wonderful, emotive, strong voice - and she kept the audience enthralled.

Next week, yours truly will be in the hot seat - so you will doubtless find that Grace's gig was the Salon's high water mark, as there's no way I can come close. Grrr... why did I agree to it??! Perhaps I need to take up juggling or something... or maybe take inspiration from the works of the great Le Petomane.

Oh... I couldn't resist --- here's the moon setting on New New Alville.
newnewAlville - moonlighting

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