Sunday, 16 December 2007

Ebuddy Metro Rezzable

In rambling around Second Life I would far rather explore scuzzy, grimy, gritty places than the clean, bland and rather antiseptic places that seem so prevalent, while sweet-sickly sentimental sites make me feel positively nauseous. Rezzable sims, at least those given over to design showcases, can usually be relied upon to deliver up something interesting, and often with a great grime quotient. This one, Ebuddy Metro Rezzable, hits the spot nicely.

This sim, which lies just to the South of the controversial Cannery Art Gallery, is the work of Second Lifer, Paulo Cassell. As he describes it in his profile: "4 Weeks, 8k prims, two muddy hands and a pile of freebies = The Dump... probably the most complex build I've done so far it made my eyes want to bleed... now if only I could remember where I left my keys."

It is basically a wasteland. A Battersea-like power station, belching smoke into the putrid air, sits at the end of a derelict street. A hole in the street leads down into the sewer system which runs under the sim. Half-wrecked trucks and buses sit, decaying, on a fenced off patch of bare earth. The bulk of the sim is taken up with The Dump... great mounds of rubbish and rusting vehicles, including a cargo ship that will never see the sea again, and an airliner now broken up and going nowhere. I set my Windlight viewer for cold & foggy, and here's how the pictures turned out:

As with other Rezzable "showcase" sims, this seems to serve no particular function, other than "something to be seen". There are several ebuddy sims, and one might expect these to have been built on behalf of the web and mobile messaging company of the same name. However, there is no sign that this is the case. No freebies here... or links... just mounds of detritus & rubbish - and I love it.

One point: maybe this is a Windlight effect, but the smoke from the power station and the burning tyres rises unnaturally fast. I'd be inclined to tweak the particle script to throttle it back slightly.


Anonymous said...

I just visited there today and it is barren indeed - and felt realistic. I agree about the smoke - which seemed too fast in WindLight. I obtained several freebies there. Certain junked items were "free to copy" such as some slightly flattened cars and a rusted bus. - TerryAnn Antonelli

xlent1 said...

Thanks for stopping by! Will have jetski races in the sewer in Jan! Also check out the new Stratos Iceberg sim

Regards, RightAsRain

Aleister Kronos said...


I'v actually been around the Stratos Iceberg sim a couple of times. It didn't really "do it" for me.

Raghda said...

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