Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Prim Hearts Amusement Park

My thanks for spotting this one go to my friend, TerryAnn Antonelli. She has a knack for finding cool sites. As the title of this post suggests, tonight's site is not a corporate, university or not-for-profit island. Given my past record, you may also be surprised to hear it's not even Japanese. Rather, if you have a piece of land in Second Life, and are looking for a fairground or amusement park ride to perk it up, then this is the place to come.

As the notecard on the island tells me: "Prim Hearts Metaverse Development is a virtual company owned by Sarg Bjornson, a resident in the virtual world Second Life. Sarg creates the best amusement park rides available in SL, offering a wide range of ride shapes and variations for his customers." Despite the name, Sarg is, in fact, Spanish and according to his profile this makes him "hot by default." Yes... well... :-)

I spent only a short time here - or rather, it felt like I'd only spent a short time here, as there is so much to do. The Prim Hearts Amusement Park is chock full of rides and other diversions, including an aquarium. And most - if not all - of these rides are for sale. Don't worry, though. You don't have to buy - and riding them appears to be free. There's a giant waterslide, a haunted house, rockin' pirate ship, log ride and various other rides that, in RL at least, would help you lose your lunch. If you want to recover from "jelly legs" you can take a pew to race radio-controlled boats.... and well much, much more.

Aside from the cleverness and intricacy of some of the ride animations, I was particularly struck by the quality of the textures. Most of the rides had just the right amount of grime, rust and general seediness that I like - very reminiscent of certain UK coastal resorts or (I would hazard) Coney Island, perhaps.

Rather a lot of photos - but at least you now get them in this fancy slideshow. Enjoy!

If you get the opportunity, and you fancy a break from the drudgery, then why not scoot along? It may not have the lunch-losing excitements of The Big One at Blackpool, but it is a fun island - and I'd have to agree with Sarg's assertion that he does, indeed, create the best amusement park rides available in SL


Soph said...

I've been meaning to pack the family/Board off to Prim Hearts for a break for *months* now - I'm glad to see it's still there!

Did you catch the airship depot/nightclub at altitude?

Aleister Kronos said...

Nope. Time was too short- that and jelly-legs from the rides. But this is one I plan to go back to.

Given that it's been in SL some time it has been woefully neglected, blogwise!

Anonymous said...

Nnice article pictures, Aleister. I also plan to go back and enjoy this in depth. -- TerryAnn Antonelli

Sarg Bjornson said...

Thanks for your review! I'm happy to see that people are enjoying my park ^^