Thursday, 6 December 2007

Some Extropian Announcements

Here's a couple of announcements from (or on behalf of) Sophrosyne Stenvaag of Extropia Core. First up:

Sophrosyne's Saturday Salon: Creativity and Corporate Builds
When..... Saturday, December 8, 2007 at 1:00pm - 3:00pm SLT
Where... The Nexus at Extropia Core

Please join us as we discuss what makes an effective corporate build, and how to liberate our design imaginations!

Our Spotlight Guest will be Aleister Kronos, of the popular and insightful blog, Ambling In Second Life! Al is a veteran traveler, wildly creative designer, and incisive design critic. Join him for an amble through the best and worst of Second Life builds!

It's nice to be invited and I'm looking forward to it, albeit with a looming sense of dread. Do come along if you fancy it, and get a thrilling sense of schadenfreude while I demonstrate my mastery of the bleedin' obvious.

The second announcement from Sophrosyne concerns the excellent - and fun - site: She has set up a contest aimed at benefitting both freerice and Second Life Africa. The latter is an initiative by Uthango, a South African social investment company. As she explains in this blog post:

I've staked $USD 250 as prize money for a contest to run for three weeks, from December 1, 2007 to December 21, 2007. At the end of that time, on December 22, 2007, I'll award all the prize money that's been won at a party in Second Life.

For every person who posts a top score of 50 (one score per player - if you post 10 screencaps of 50, we'll still only pay out once!), we'll pay you $L250, and donate $L1000 to Second Life Africa. For every person who posts a score of 49, we'll pay you $L250 and donate $L750 to Second Life Africa. For every person who posts a score of 48, we'll pay you $L250 and donate $L500 to Second Life Africa. We will *not* pay out more than $USD250, unless we receive other sponsors. Once we have $USD250 in winners, the contest will be over.

Good causes, a fun and challenging game and prizes! What more could you want?

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