Monday, 31 December 2007

Early Days

Here's a few photos of the company private sim, after (quite) a few hours' work. I daresay most of this stuff will be torn down, but it provides a start point - and cost nothing to produce, aside from a few L$ to upload some slides. I have also discovered the joys and frustrations of working with .RAW files, finding the free bailiwick software a really useful tool to use alongside my trusty Paintshop Pro. I may not have produced the most elegant file in the world, but it works well enough. I even managed to stick a company logo on it - in the form of a rather blocky mountain. However, you can't see it in this photoset.

The real effort will start in the New Year, when I can onboard the rest of the team. The construction to date does give us a couple of meeting areas, too. And so to the pictures:

People who know New New Alville might recognise some re-use here!

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Unknown said...

Al, this looks great! Clean, innovative and functional all at once. Please keep us up on your progress!