Sunday, 2 September 2007 Press Release

FYI: I just received this press release - and I see no reason for not passing it along...

*** START PRESS RELEASE *** opens 10th location in Secondlife

One of the best read newspapers in Secondlife® has opened their 10th location on Publishing Island.
The new publishing Sim is next to the already famous Book Island. In an old Tudor-style building you will find a relaxing atmosphere to read your newspaper and have a chat with many of the other publishers who own shops on publishing island.

On the second floor a meeting room can be found where press-clubs and other social meetings find a place. The complete location is open to the public and has a wonderfull bar and sitting area completely in style.

Above the bar you will find a Landmark-giver which can supply all of the other 9 SL-Newspaper-locations.

Location SL-URL :
Location news :

Hits information : has an average of 10.000 non-unique hits daily


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JamesT Juno, CEO said...

Thankyou for posting our pressrelease. Make sure you visit us sometime.