Monday, 3 September 2007

Al's Curiosity - Is It Forbidden?

Just a quick post tonight. I came across this sim - Oriental Island - and being a sucker for all things Asian (with the possible exception of fried or grilled weird things, sold in the night markets of Beijing - see piccies below) I thought I should take a gander.

Not much to say really. It appears to be a reworking of the Forbidden City in Beijing - or at least part of it. The reason I decided to blog the sim is that illustrates what a large-scale construction looks like mid-build. As you may be able to see, the bulk of the structure is taking shape in terms of prim constructs, but very little of it coloured or textured at this stage. There are small areas where relevant textures have been trialled, but little more than that.

As the construction is taking up the entire sim it is hard to determine its use. It would not appear to be appropriate for either shops or private land parcels, and it does not appear to relate to any specific company or organisation. I believe IBM are planning on opening up their Forbidden City build sometime, which has been around (somewhere in SL) for around a year now, as far as I know. But this isn't it. The sim is owned by the group Oriental Pearl, but beyond that I can glean next to nothing. Can anyone advise me further??

Here's the Real Life Forbidden City - and streetmarket. Yummy!

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