Sunday, 30 September 2007

Koldinghus - And Some Scandinavian Minimalism

After posting the entry about free Swedish lessons I thought I'd check out the area around the Swedish Institute, and came across the Kolding Danmark sim. As it was open, it seemed churlish not to drop in for a look.

The Koldinghus is "the last of the ancient royal castles on the peninsula of Jutland... [it has] had many functions ranging from fortress, royal residency, ruin, museum and the location of numerous wartime negotiations." It is now a museum, but you can find out more of its history here. It is built overlooking the town of Kolding. It is not abundantly clear whether this sim is built on behalf of the town (as the name implies), the castle (as the build to date implies), or both (as I suspect may be the case).

It is clear that the build is still in its early stages. The bulk of the castle is in place, but is yet to be furnished. Hence my remark about "Scandinavian minimalism" in the title of this piece. Outside there are large pieces of construction that can best be described as "work in progress," comprising large swathes of default "plywood." The build is clearly some way from completion so it would be wrong of me to comment. But that doesn't normally stop me! I have one observation, concerning the textures used on the castle. Basically, at the moment they seem over-stretched, resulting in a blurry effect. As it is not claiming to be ready, I will assume that this is temporary, to show the general effect. However, I hope before they open that they make the time to improve this texture. Aside from that, there is nothing else to say about the build at this time. Here are a few snaps for you:

The last picture shows you some of the work in progress.

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