Sunday, 30 September 2007

Learn Yerself Swedish

On return from a jaunt into the Real World (for a change) I found an email waiting for me that I thought might interest you.

Is your level of attainment in Swedish about that of The Chef in The Muppets? Would you like to go beyond and maybe actually learn the language properly? Well courtesy of Sweden's virtual embassy in Second Life, you now have the opportunity.

Starting Tuesday, October 2nd, you can get free(!!!) Swedish lessons at the embassy, using voice chat technology and live video. No previous knowledge is required - which is a relief for anyone whose Swedish stretches no further than "bork bork bork." Lessons kick off at a cold-showering 7:00AM SLT (that 3:00PM UK or 4:00PM CET) in the Second House of Sweden auditorium, Swedish Institute sim

If you want to find out more follow this link.

Oh... and while I'm on a Swedish theme, you might be interested to know that IT firm Sogeti has added another (private) island to Second Life. In keeping with the theme it belongs to Sogeti Sweden.

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