Sunday, 16 September 2007

Nissan X-Trail

Japanese motor company Nissan have had a presence in Second Life for quite some time, but while exploring the area near Mitsukoshi (see previous post), I found a relatively new site: Nissan X-Trail. You have to be a member of their group (which I'm not) to access all the features of the site but at least I was able to grab a quick view:

There is a corresponding website (in Japanese, naturally), but aside from news and a SLURL this does not have much content. From a bit of searching it seems that the site opened sometime in mid-August, 2007. It is styled as a snowboarding track, with the car itself featured on a plinth at the bottom of the downhill section. I'm not sure, but it is possible you may be able to rez a vehicle to negotiate a frozen track that goes around the sim. Clearly the aim is tie the brand to cool, sexy "extreme sports - an extension in Second Life of the X-Trail Jam and similar sponsored events held last year and this. Indeed, an ad from last year's event in the Tokyo Dome can be seen in the picture on the left.

Not much more to say about it really. I will leave the analysis to Nic, over at Kzero!

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