Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I've been meaning to post this entry for a few weeks now, but have not really been sure how to go about it. The sim in question belongs to German company, anyMOTION. Specialising in 3D graphics and multimedia, it was a logical extension for them to move into Second Life, where they have been active as a build company since around the start of the year (I think). Their major work to date has been the complex of islands built for Mercedes-Benz, and used to launch their C-Class saloon earlier this year. They have also built electronic music club Trash Palace, which is sited on their public sim.

I spent a long time at the sim, chatting with Mark Lambertz (avatar: Mkyschnitzel Campbell) of anyMOTION about their work, and in particular about the (then) forthcoming SLCC'07 Germany event that was to be held in Dusseldorf, of which they were both a sponsor and organiser. However, even as I was typing up a post the following day, I received a mail from Mark advising me that the event had been cancelled. He was understandably disappointed (OK, too mild a word!) about it, having invested a great deal of time and effort, and presumably a not-inconsiderable sum in setting it up. In fact, as you will see below, the anyMOTION sim has (had?) a tower constructed specifically to tie in with the event. In preparing this post I checked out the SLCC'07 website, which informed me (thank you Babelfish) that the event was cancelled due to lack of sales - which is probably what most of you were expecting to read. Better luck in 2008!

As for the sim, it consists of a number of small islands, each with its own theme. The biggest of these is the C-Class farm, where mercs and yaks happily graze on a broad expanse of rich grass.
There's also a client meeting area and the aforementioned tower. High above, at around 240 metres, is the Trash Palace, which seemed to be well attended while I was there. This uses some great, scuzzy textures to lend a nice, rusty, rundown look to the establishment, which also serves as an art gallery. Higher still are a couple of giant mushrooms - one based on standard prims and the other, more recent one, using mega-sized sculpted prims. These are intended as chillout zones.

Here's the tower, which includes some nice shadow-effects:

A neighbouring sim is set aside for private company use - meetings, builds etc.

Just to lighten my mood a tad, here's a piccy of one of my own little constructions in SL.
Well it amused me making it:

The specs are animated... but I haven't got around to using FRAPS to record them yet.

UPDATE: A friend has pointed out that the above image could be misinterpreted as showing something rather ruder than I had seen! Can I therefore urge you to click on it, to see the bigger picture?

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