Thursday, 13 September 2007

My First SL Safari

Just a short post tonight, to log the fact that this evening I held the inaugural Second Life Safari / Walkabout / Expedition [delete as appropriate] for a select band of colleagues. As a first attempt I think it went pretty well. We kept the number of attendees constrained (though a tad more constrained than I'd hoped) to test out the approach. Getting feedback to help refine and reshape the safari is high on my agenda. In terms familiar to readers of this blog, this first foray was thus a "soft launch" - not widely trailed, and targeted at elicitiing feedback to see what would work and what would need re-work.

I think the overall approach seemed sound. I sent out a slide deck in advance, giving some basic information for starters, and then supplied attendees with a notecard containing the landmarks we would be visiting. They were also all co-opted into a group set up for the purpose, so we could group IM if anyone got separated or there was a need to chat confidentially within the group.

So far, so good. Unfortunately, in the style of "This little piggy...", we experienced a fair degree of attrition during the safari! The "first little piggy" had trouble with his laptop; the "second little piggy" went AWOL; the "third little piggy" was in a different timezone and had to retire for the night. But despite all this, the remaining little pigges managed to reach the final stop at Rezzable Greenies.

I look forward to receiving the feedback, and acting on the responses (where appropriate!). The next run is on Tuesday... after which we will "pause and asssess."

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