Monday, 31 March 2008

Japanese Camera Manufacturers' Meme Thing

It's been a while since I mentioned a meme running through the virtual world - but I think I now have one worth covering - Japanese camera manufacturers. The first to get an airing was Nikon, a sim I have not yet visited, but that has been covered by VeeJay at Mindblizzard.

One on its own does not grab my interest, but tonight on my travels I spotted two more. First I noticed a 3-sim island belonging to Konica-Minolta. However, it is still closed, and I have no idea when it is due to open. So no pictures or report, I'm afraid.

Finally I found Fujifilm. Now this is another closed sim, but the sim next door - dumbonet(I kid you not) - which appears to bear no relation, is open. So I was able to skip in there, fly up to a decent altitude and simply pootle, unchallenged, across the border into fujifilm. Access is still difficult once inside, but from what I could glean, the sim is mainly taken up with a Fujifilm Museum,. There also seems to be a number of photo stagesets dotted around the edge, where you will be able to pose among 2D and 3D backdrops. Here's a few pics to be going on with:

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