Sunday, 23 March 2008

Taking a Break

Just a note in advance to let you know that I will not be blogging anything for the next 5 days' - so don't panic and call in the emergency services when a new post fails to materialise in your Google Reader or wherever. Mrs K and I are off on our Springtime Frolics, to the Land of Tokai and Bull's Blood, leaving Jake The Dog to the tender and thoughtful mercies of our 2 kids.

Before you feel an overwhelming desire to call in the Social Services, I would point out that the kids in question clock in at a theoretically respectable 17 and 20 years. Provided they don't torch or trash the house, and remember to feed and walk Jake - big provisos, I know - then everything should be OK.

See you next weekend.



VeeJay Burns said...

Have a jolly good time ;)

Rest assured, by the tuime you get back, Virtual Worlds will still be around. (Wonders how much assurance that is to Mrs. K.)

Aleister Kronos said...

Thanks VeeJay.

That thought will be of little consolation to Mrs K. Although, on reflection, after having so much 1-2-1 facetime with Mr K, she may be glad when I plough back in to VWs.

BTW - I must pester you for a list of those Japanese companies.

Vidal Tripsa said...

Teehee! Hope you have a whale of a time, Al. Looking forward to your return already.

Lee Provoost said...

djeez Tim, you caused me almost a heart-attack. I thought you were going on some kind of sabbatical :-p I have to say, there was some kind of drama thing in your title at first. Euhm, not to make you feel worried, but I once took care after my mother's dog when I was 20 and according to my mother the dog lost a "considerable amount of weight" (whatever that meant). Of course I am not saying anything without my lawyer ;-)

Enjoy the holiday!


Aleister Kronos said...


The biggest risk to Jake is the opposite - rather too much food + too little exercise. :-)

I'd love a sabbatical, but I need the cash too much. Great pictures of Mumbai on your Flickr stream, by the way.