Sunday, 9 March 2008

Luxembourg Jobs Fairs

We've seen a number of examples of recruitment companies (mainly, but not exclusively, European) using Second Life as a place to attract potential job-seekers. My Sunday afternoon ramble among the highlands and islands led to the Grand Ducale sim, and as it looked interesting on the map and had a certain ring to it, I swooped in for a look. It is actually one of a trio of sims, the others being the rather more prosaically named Luxembourg Recrutement and Luxembourg Business.

The 3 sims, taken together, provide a large recruitment facility. The first event was actually held at the end of November, 2007, to recruit staff for GAX Technologies. I think this may have been something of a proof of concept, since GAX are (I think) the builders of the site. According to the Working Worlds website, the next fair is on the 28th March, 2008 - though the information on the island itself points towards a fair on 29th May.

I rather liked this place - it is built with a certain cartoon-y style and it manages to inject a degree of light-hearted whimsy into what could otherwise be a rather daunting and po-faced environment. There are one or two places where the prims are not properly aligned, leading to some "jitters" in the textures, but otherwise the build quality is high. There are plenty of teleports to get you around the site too.

I know, I should write more about it - but it's late, and having failed to secure a multi-million lottery win (again!) I need to get to bed so that I can get up and toddle into work tomorrow. Here is a set of pictures that should give you a bit more of the flavour --- I assume the bright orange bit is aimed at recruitment for the Netherlands:


Cornelia den Hartog said...

Hello Aleister!

Thanks for visiting our Islands and we are very happy you liked them. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little history on the project (apparently our website is not very clear on this, guess we have to change that!).

Last year in June, GAX Technologies opened his office, (that is the orange bit, a Luxembourgish company with a Dutch owner) as the first Luxembourgish company. The official opening was done by the Luxembourgish Minister Jeannot Krecké, his avatar planned the Luxembourgish flag.

In view of the recruitment problems Luxembourg has (a growing market with a small workforce), we organised a recruitment fair for Luxembourg in November 2007. Here 10 companies recruited, even from the US, Amazon recruited for its office here in Luxembourg! The result is that now about 50 persons are working in Luxembourg thanks to the fair.

Due to the popularity of the event, our next step is the organisation of a job fair for the Benelux on the 29th of May. So our Islands will be growing soon. Besides the Job fairs we use the Island for some conferences and language trainings. On the 28th of Mars you can participate in a Luxembourg language course and interview training.

I hope to see you around on our Islands and even if you do not search a job come and visit us during the recruitment fair. Their will be a lot of international contacts to be made.

Cornelia den Hartog
GAX Technologies.

Aleister Kronos said...

Hi Cornelia
Thanks for putting me right on my incorrect assumptions - and providing a really useful history of the site.

I do not think of Luxembourg, with its proximity to Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, as having a skills problem. I wonder if there's a perfect job there for me. :-)