Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cofidis - Follow Up

I got a notecard today, explaining about the Cofidis island that I mentioned recently and pointing out that I was actually 8 months late for the main event. Crucially, the sim is intended an "event sim" and not as a permanent corporate presence. Thus it was open during 2007's Tour De France, at least until the Cofidis team withdrew from the race following the announcement that one of their riders, Christian Moreni, failed a doping test. There is more on that story here.

I confess that the notecard is not easy to follow. However, I did pick up some of the highlights. For example, as the Tour progressed there were exclusive inworld briefings from the Team manager. Also, residents had the opportunity to compete against David Moncoutier a real Team Cofidis racer. There were various events, entertainments and diversions during the Tour - but the plug was effectively pulled when the team was pulled from the event, and the sim mothballed until January.

The next task is to commence work on a new event in April, that may also involve the Paris 1900 sim.

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