Sunday, 4 November 2007

Spanish Jobs with Infoempleo

I've been meaning to visit the Infoempleo island in Second Life for a couple of weeks now, since discovering that my company's Spanish division had taken part in a recruitment fair there in mid-October. I finally got around to it tonight. It took me a bit of digging to find an English language description of the company, but eventually I found this:

  • is Spain’s leading employment site for qualified job seekers. With over 15.000 vacancies and more than 1.4 million registered users, Infoempleo is an ideal meeting point for candidates and employers and a comprehensive showcase of the Spanish labour market. Infoempleo is also notable for its specialisation. As well as being a general employment site, we offer nine specialised channels focusing on specific industry sectors. These channels represent an excellent source of information and job opportunities in consulting, finance, construction, auditing, tourism, telecommunications, IT, secretarial and franchising.
They have a rather busy site in Second Life, comprising 4 tall pillars, each supporting a number of interview platforms (each basically a room and some brand information), along with an auditorium at ground level. At the time of writing, it appears to be supporting 19 different Spanish companies. I don't intend to list them, but you can perhaps discern who they are on the sign in the picture set below. Among the list, I spotted several IT consultancies (including the one I work for) and a couple of banks.

The site is perhaps best described as "functional." It is there to do a job, and people will come here because they are interested in the jobs available, rather than to marvel at the architecture. But I was concerned about how close the various platforms were to one another. I'm sure the distances have been calculated (surely!) to avoid "conversational leakage" from one to another. Also, I am not sure whether all of these companies were holding inworld interviews on the same day.

Whatever the truth of the matter, it is encouraging to see Spain taking a role in Second Life. Kzero has some interesting stats (from May'07) on Spanish residents in Second Life, while highlighting in this article (from June'07) the general absence of Spanish companies. Perhaps that imbalance is changing.

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