Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Al Pays Tribute

The latter part of 2007 has witnessed the creation of a number of memorials: 9/11; Vietnam War Memorial and Armistice Day. One memorial site that had escaped my notice until today is the Tribute Island sim.

To quote from the notecard: "Tribute Island is all about celebrating the lives of the people we've lost and loved. People who have inspired us, entertained us, selflessly protected us, and who have filled our lives with sound and colour. Frome the British Army, Navy, and RAF, to the political, scientific, and Hollywood greats." The island has a number of zones, taking in all of the classifications mentioned plus many more, including: artists; musicians; authors and scientists. The information hub provides a useful map, or you can catch the monorail that stops at various points around the island. I hopped on at the Underground station, which includes a commemorative plaque to those killed in the 7/7 London Tube bombings.

Here are a few of the many memorials here - starting with a map and aerial view, and a glimpse from the monorail:

Military memorials:

Artists, Picasso and Man Ray:

While here are Orson Welles, Gene Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov:

Some are less serious than others - here's Faye Wray and Peter Cushing:

As you can see from these snaps, there is no formal style, as many of the memorials are personal tributes. As a result, the island, at first sight, looks a bit of an eyesore. However, once you've overcome this initial jarring effect, I think you might find it a very absorbing place. There are so many people, from all walks of life, remembered here. Each tribute also links off to pages on an associated website, where more information can be found and comments left.

If you wish to pay tribute to someone not already represented here then you can. As another notecard informed me: "We’re a free-to-use installation space where you can leave a lasting tribute to ANYONE who’s passed away within living memory (since 1950). Just keep your contributions PG, and (for sim security so that we can keep the sim locked down tight) provide a link to an entry on our website ( so other people can leave a tribute too."

The island owners also host a variety of events which you can discover by joining the island's Second Life group. Apparently there are various freebies and other "easter eggs" dotted about the place. All in all a fascinating example of "user generated visualisation" and a novel idea. I recommend you pop along. In terms of numbers, there is a bias toward British dead, but this is not intended to be a uniquely British site and there are tributes to people from all around the World - as you can see from some of the names above.

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Lactose said...

That's gotta be the coolest thing! See in' ya sim on a blog you read. Thanks AL :-)

Nikk Huet