Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Fibe Mini

It seems like ages since I last posted about a Japanese sim on Second Life, so I thought I should introduce you to one I actually found ages ago, but failed to get around to blogging: Fibe Mini. Anyone who knows the Real Life me, will know that I am not the most health-food conscious person on the planet. And therefore it should come as no surprise that I rarely partake of the various liquors and potions that are passed off as health drinks. I am, as a result, blissfully unaware of the bizarre veg'n'fruit concoctions that may be available around the World. However, I am now aware of at least one - the aforementioned Fibe Mini.

This particular beverage combines the fibrous pleasures of lettuce with the fruity goodness of lemons and melds the two into a fibre-rich, vitaminic slurpfest, targeted at the health-obsessed denizens of the Asian Pacific Rim. Personally, I think it sounds disgusting - but I maybe you know different. In any case, it seems that the company and its marketing firm have taken a light-hearted, often surreal approach to promoting the product. For example, here's an ad on YouTube:

Or this one - which unfortuntely I can't embed.

Perhaps given this somewhat leftfield approach to promotion it should come as no surprise to find the product in Second Life. I rather like the sim, with its hyperventilating presenters, its rich array of free t-shirts, fun machinery and drinks dispenser. There's really not a lot to it, but it does try its hardest to make a soft beverage made from lettuce and lemons seem like something that may actually be worth quaffing. Anyway, here's a few snaps for you:

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Nock said...

Check this site too!

They made commercial film in Second Life (already onaired). To see it click the link next to "NEWS" sign. Don't you think her avatar is quite resembling real her :)