Friday, 23 November 2007

TV Seculo21

Brazil and the Roman Catholic Church seem to be intertwined to a degree far greater than I, a European atheist (and lapsed Catholic), would expect. Although I failed to get around to blogging about it, I noticed a large Brazillian/Catholic cluster of sims many moons ago at Cancao Nova. Tonight I came across another - TV Seculo21. As you have probably already divined, this is a TV station - and it seems to be related to the Igreja Católica religious organisation. The station describes itself as "educational" (I think) and carries a mixture of religious, documentary, news and current affairs programmes.

The island in Second Life is very much at the formative stage. So much so, in fact, that it really should not be open to visitors. Nothing is even remotely finished... there are plywood buildings and ramps all over the place (plywood is the default texture for newly-made objects in Second Life) and partially complete pathways and lawns. There is a rather well made statue, that I assume was sourced from elsewhere, but beyond that everything is in flux. It looks like the edge of the sim will feature a number of TV studios - but the usage of these studios remains a mystery. There is a 3D model (pictured below) that may show the final plan for the sim. Anyway, for those of you who have a passing interest in places under construction, here's a glimpse:

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