Sunday, 4 November 2007

Al at Arrival01 Rezzable

Just a quickie to round off the weekend. While exploring the Rezzable islands, I found myself in Arrival01 Rezzable. Expecting some sort of orientation island, I was somewhat surprised to find it full of a rich clutter of steampunk-style, Jules Vernian creations - submarines, robots and even an automated orchestra. It all appears to be the work of Madcow Cosmos, leavened with some giant insects and the odd bizarre dinosaur (more usually found on the Stratos Legend Rezzable sim).

This is what you get when you have too much blue cheese before bedtime. The first picture, of the greenie alien was actually taken at Cannery.

Incidentally, a word of caution if you are looking to exhibit at The Cannery. Please make sure you read and inwardly digest the contract before handing over any artwork. This analysis is worth considering carefully.


Lem said...

Thanks for the tip, Al. It looks more like a sandbox to me. I loved some of the sculptures. You mention "Jules Vernian creations", but they reminded me more of The Cyberiad by Stanislav Lem. I think a sim on that theme would be great.

dyerbrookME said...

Well, no, it's what you get when you get somebody to consciously copy the Caledon formula, I guess.

You should do more than merely 'caution' about a contract where artists only get 25 percent of all sales of all work and all merchandise, and sign away all their rights.

I've just had a lot more to criticize lately about the Rezzable magnate's world view and "vision" for the "platform".

Oh, I totally appreciate that the builds are awesome and all that. They are also all monitoring us in order to sell to us.

Prokofy Neva

Aleister Kronos said...

Lem - I agree, it does look more like a sandbox, which begs 2 questions: why is it open? And what is the final destination for these constructions?

Prokofy - I can only caution, not compel. The responsibility resides with the artist to know what s/he is getting into, but it is clear that many folks are naive about reading such contracts. Some may conclude that the promotional opportunity afforded by The Cannery is actually worth the surrender of so much, but they need to make an informed decision. BTW thanks for picking this up in comment on Second Thoughts. I think this lesson from the "school of [Second] Life" needs to be known more widely.