Tuesday, 6 March 2007

I tried Trimedia

Do you remember this posting?

I'd spotted an island called Baustelle, and not wishing to look a complete ignoramus, checked it out to discover it meant "building site". Well, the island has now magically morphed into The Trimedia World. "Trimedia Communications is Europe’s fastest growing Public Relations and communications consultancy." They have offices throughout Europe, explaining the shape of their sim - a map of Europe. In the following snap, you can see the UK - and if you look really, really hard - you can see me standing near my house - tho' you can't see my house... I mean, c'mon... it's only a model.

The build has been done by Torrid Luna (among others). She's head of the German Linux User Group is SL. Aside from a set of islands in the shape of a map of Europe there is a display and conference centre in the lozenge-shaped logo, which floats over the centre of the island. There is also a coffee bar (still under construction) and dance area.

In terms of freebies you can grab yourself a motorbike, and for amusement, aside from the dancing, you can take the helm of a small boat, and cruise around the islands.

It looks like a soft launch to me - so it should be interesting to see how it unfolds. As you can see, I took some snaps to prove I was actually there (unlike any representatives of Trimedia I might add). The last one seems to be a collection of snaps taken during the construction...

UPDATE: Here is the company's announcement about the build.

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