Friday, 9 March 2007

Do You Remember the First Time?

Thinking back to your First Days in SL - 10 things that may have surprised you:

  1. How remarkably tricky it is to make yourself truly hideous using the Appearance Editor.
  2. You have a serious conversation with a 12ft tall white rabbit* on the merits of Second Life for [insert topic of choice].
  3. Occasionally you arrive somewhere a good minute before your clothing and/or hair.
  4. You can earn money just by sitting around – and money grows on trees.
  5. If you earn money just for sitting around, you need to be careful where you sit.
  6. You can see yourself – but nobody else can.
  7. You can’t see yourself – but everybody else can.
  8. If you don’t move off a teleport, new arrivals keep standing on your head.
  9. What a dumbass you look when you arrive somewhere and hover around for minutes on end while it rezzes, only to find yourself in the middle of a meeting/presentation/competition/orgy (delete as appropriate).
  10. Discovering your avatar has no genitals.

* insert unlikely creature/object/part of the anatomy of your choice.

What surprised you?

  • Discovering that you can buy genitals of all shapes & sizes, to overcome the deficiency identified in 10 above!
  • Kate's experiences - which taught her the need for underwear.

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