Monday, 5 March 2007

Toca Me, Toca You... Aha!

Toca Me is a web, print and event design company, based in Munich. According to their website, they have a plot of land on one of the new sims ( the charmingly named "Banior Bahoozamoth") on the Southern Second Life mainland. When I visited it seemed to consist of a large sign, a few coloured balls and some fancy seats - at least at ground level. I then found a chunk of building at about 680 metres up. The balls turned out to be teleports to "studio" and "sky dive" - which goes to explain the high-altitude building. They are just starting out with their build here - but I'm not sure it's a long-term investment. Why? Well the answer is to be found in the new island of Toca Me, which seems to be at a fairly advanced stage of construction, though not open to ramblers. I managed a quick word with someone on the mainland site (too quick to log a name, I'm afraid - sorry by the name of Jonny Wunderlch). It seems that they got the site as First Land - those were the day, eh? - but are, indeed, building a more permanent SL residence for the business on the aforementioned island. Given the tight space and truly appalling lag on the mainland, who can blame 'em?!

It is due to open soon - but no date has yet been set.

Toca Me offer "consulting, conceptualization, design and programming" for companies wishing to enter SL. Clients of their existing (non-SL) services include Vodafone, XBox and BMW - but if you want a more extensive profile then you could do worse than look here.

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tocame said...

yeah, our island has just been opened recently. and we started a call for entries for outstanding designs in second life or designs from real life you are not to be missed in real life...

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