Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Al is Enjoying La Belle France [RL]

Sorry - this entry is NOT Second Life stuff....

Well I've reached the end of day 2 of my RL adventures at our training facility outside Paris. The weather has been spectacular, while the food has been its usual strange mix (great cheese though). I feel sorry for the veggies; last night it was a particularly unappetising plate of puy lentils, with a few slices of overcooked carrot to add a bit of excitement to something that otherwise looked like a plate of rabbit droppings. My colleague, who managed 1 forkful, would probably say that it tasted like rabbit droppings too.

The drink is all free here - which led to a tad too much "networking" last night. I just about survived the day, today. Rather than repeat the excesses of the previous night, I was a bit more controlled with my intake today. So much so, that I can actually type this entry.

I'm planning to catch up on all the fun of the fair at
SXSW when I get some time to myself to read thru 3pointD. This place runs like a military machine though. Finding "me time" is all but impossible. Ho hum... 3 more days

I confess that I thought Twitter would be a waste of time, braincells and pixels. D'OH! What fiend thought up this bizarrely addictive microblog thang?

PS: I've just been invited to do my first ever technical architecture* course facilitation - and it's in Mumbai! Bloody Brilliant!!

* if you don't know what technical architecture is don't worry about it. It's just some techie IT guff.

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