Sunday, 11 March 2007

Back to Square One

Square 1 Research have moved from their cramped mainland premises into a custom-built, Japanese-styled island of their own. From the geographical location, and the quality of the textures and styling, I'm thinking this must be an Electric Sheep build. UPDATE: But Liz Ferlinghetti has put me right on this (see Comments) - no sheep, electric or otherwise, were harmed in the making of this island.

Square 1 Research (according to gleanings from the website) are a market research company with a "focus on technology and online methodologies. Areas of expertise include: Mobile phones and wireless services; Digital home electronics; emerging technologies and online concept testing of consumer packaged goods." Given their techie base I can see why they would want to use the Second Life population as a research resource.

Indeed, on arrival at their island, as a market research company they get straight to the point. You are immediately invited to get yourself a handy few Lindens by joining their research group. Thereafter, if you actually participate in sessions you can earn yourself rather more useful sums. Here are the displays that will tell you more:

The ambience of the island is very chilled and serene, with some nice detailing. In terms of public spaces, there is the main reception area and two further buildings: the theatre (with some starkly wooden seating to sit on - watch out for splinters!) and a conference centre, which has open sea views - and a paucity of chairs.

I've now signed up as a member of the research group - so it will be interesting to see how the process unfolds over the next weeks and months.

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Liz Ferlinghetti said...

Wow - so glad that you liked Square One Island. However I have to tell you there were no sheep on that island, electric or otherwise and nor do the rivers run red! I did the landscaping for the island and if you want to know more about what I have going on in SL give me a shout!