Monday, 7 April 2008


Torley Linden... no matter what you think about the "growing pains" of the company for which he works, Torley somehow transcends it all. It is as if Torley were the walking embodiment of what S~~~~d L~~~e is all about. What's more, his tutorials are a marvellous blend of the chaotic and the educational - like being shown how to do something by an enthusiastic friend, rather than a distant teacher. But that is more than enough fluffing for one post.

Torley, nevertheless, is the start point for this post. I dip into his excellent SL Flickr stream from time to time, and today noticed a particularly interesting and arty set of pictures of the Rodel sim. This evening I had the chance to whizz in for a look. This appears to be a "water sim", with only a little over 3000 prims to its name - and an island that is little more than a blip on the surface of the Protected Ocean. So where's the fancy stuff? I will leave you to find that - but as a clue: if you ain't got flight assistance you won't find it. The sim seems to be Torley's - I have no idea how many he has - and this light show is best seen on midnight setting. It would be really nice to see a well-made machinima of it - but until then, you will need to make do with my pictures:


Anonymous said...

OK, Mr. Kronos, now you've gone and tickled my meta-geographic funnybone.

Protected Ocean is the most evocative place-name I've heard all month. What exactly is it and where do I find it?


Aleister Kronos said...

I use the "Search" on the "Map" to located sims (most of the time) - and found Rodel that way. As for the ocean (it could be "Sea"... poetic license), that's where it pitched me on arrival!

Morris Vig said...

Agreed, Aleister...Rosedale & Co. should thank their lucky stars that they have Torley. Great photos...I will get over to that sim sooner than later.

Aleister Kronos said...

Thanks. It's "simple" set of particle scripts and semi-trans textures... but it looks amazing.