Monday, 14 April 2008

Blog Off

This blog is taking a short vacation.

Much as I'd like to claim this is a noble gesture of solidarity with Gwyneth Llewelyn , Rheta Shan and other Second Life bloggers, the truth is (as is so often the case) much more prosaic. Sure, the timing is good, and it's a cause I support, but fundamentally I'm bored, dispirited and disenchanted. I don't plan to abandon the blog, at least not just yet, but I do intend to take a bit of time to consider if and how I want to take it forward.

So, thanks for reading... I'll be back in a few...

Gone Fishin'


Zillion said...

Oh noes! I hope the boredom wears off. Let your readers help you decide on any new directions, hmmm?

Aleister Kronos said...

zillion, I like the sound of that.

Dear Reader, what new directions would you suggest? Please leave a comment - but please keep it clean(ish)


Social Network Web Design said...

Take your time..getting bored and tired of blogging is a natural thing..I just hope it wears off before you actually decide to abandon your blog :(

Kanomi™ said...

Oh no Al, don't get dispirited! Take some time and think about what you really enjoy reporting about, and scuttle the rest!