Saturday, 5 April 2008

Eye-Popping in Popcha

Near the cow sim of my last post I noticed another that looked vaguely intriguing on the map: the Popcha sim. On arrival, I found that half the sim is actually up for sale or rent or whatever the name is for handing over virtual cash and getting the use of virtual land in return. But it was not the plot that was for sale/rent/whatever that was of interest, rather it was "the neighbour." This was no ordinary residential sim!

It was an odd sensation to turn round and see the neighbour's side of the island. I saw this huge "thing" rising from the ground, and as my viewed panned upwards this thing just kept getting taller and taller. I buzzed over to that side of the island for a better look - and found that it was actually called "Brooklyn is Watching". Some serious Googling turned up the following, from the relevant flickr page: "Brooklyn Is Watching, sponsored by Popcha is an artwork by Jay Van Buren on view at Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn, New York." The best I can tell you about Popcha is "Popcha! is a NYC based media technology company making virtual worlds work for you." Which is nice.

The bulk of this side of the sim, aside from a rather smart Popcha! building, is given over to a series of basically huge art works, one towering to 700 metres+ and consisting of enough tortured prims to bring my poor graphics card to its knees and my FPS to low single digits. I've not done the detailed homework on this - it's 2:00AM for heaven's sake. But I thought you might like the images - I did. I found a midnight setting worked best, most of the time, as you can see:

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jay2 said...

Let us know what you think of our 10th podcast, its one of our best-- we discuss not only art on the Popcha SIM at BIW but also do a sneak preview of the huge art fest, the garden of NPIRL delights.