Sunday, 13 April 2008

More French Recruitment (?)

I've not been in Second Life much in recent days and have consequently not been posting much from the front line. Tonight I did finally get around to logging in, and after some aimless scanning of the map, alighted on the vl2rl sim. It appears to be owned by the French recruitment company, Tmpneo, who have a couple(?) of recruiting sims. Indeed, the French division of my own company used Tmpneo last year, when experimenting with virtual recruitment.

There is no real information to go on, so I will have to make some informed guesses. The vl2rl sim is currently occupied by 4 energy companies: Gaz de France; GE Energy; Converteam and Areva. Each company has its own building on what is otherwise a flooded sim. Despite appearances, it is not a low prim "water sim", as it is offering the full set of 15000 prims.

I am not sure of the purpose of this sim. Is it to accommodate "overflow" from the main Tmpneo sim? Or perhaps it is to provide breakout facilities for these companies, in addition to spaces on the main sim? Since the main sim is occupied by companies such as AXA, I will assume that the aim is to use this as an overflow, allowing the enegy companies to carry out recruitment without them pitching up on the tmp3 sim.

I don't have much to say about the builds, which are fine - though I could not get the elevator in the Gaz de France building to work. I just thought I'd mention their existence, though I don't see any signs of a current recruitment campaign.

I know it's a dull post - but then, it's not easy to inject must pizzazz into energy company recruitment.

As usual, I have a few piccies for you:


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