Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Raymond Weil's Nabucco

I am not really one for ostentatious amounts of bling (as I believe young people used to say, once upon a time) or, for that matter, the restrained elegance of inconspicuous excess. For example, for me, a watch is a thing you wear on your wrist to help you know the time - not a bizarre, chronofetishistic piece of over-priced jewellery. Perhaps that's why I had not visited the Raymond Weil Nabucco sim before - or even registered its existence though it has been open since September, 2007. However, last night my peregrinations took me into the general area, so I popped in for a look.

Raymond Weil (of Geneve, y'know) was founded in 1976 by watchsmith... umm... Raymond Weil in... errm... Geneva. All quite logical really. Although Herr Weil has now retired, the company has continued to make "mid-range luxury" hand-made watches. To promote their new Nabucco collection the company has launched its site in Second Life, described in their press release thus: "It is a place of sharing between the brand and the Second Life residents, where RAYMOND WEIL is there to listen and to gather comments and information. But the principal idea is for the visitors to have the opportunity to live the story of the brand’s new hero 'Nabucco'. An experience in 4 acts..."

The visitor is invited to "live the story", which basically consists of finding your way through a tunnel, climbing a rock face, finishing a game of chess and finding the way out. There are some nice graphics to make this slightly more interesting than it sounds. When you have finished, you can watch the Nabucco promotional movie/story - an experience that left me almost speechless, but not in a good way. Incidentally, before you ask, the story bears no resemblance to the Verdi opera of the same name, as far as I can tell. The sim is rounded off by an information desk, with links to the website, a RW Club meeting area and a Nabucco collection information area, with close-up photos, technical specifications and all that.

Here's a few snaps for you:

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